Verónica (2017)

Kokybė BDRip
LT mėg. vienbalsis
  • Kalba:
    Rusų kalba
  • Šalis:
  • Trukmė:
    1 h 45 min
  • Žanras:
    Filmai / Drama / Siaubo
  • Režisierius:
    Paco Plaza
  • Aktoriai:
    Sandra Escacena. Bruna González. Claudia Placer
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Madrid. June of 1991. Verónica is a teenage girl surpassed by the circumstances after her father died recently. her mother works on a bar all day and she must care of her three younger brothers. twin girls Lucía and Irene and youngest Antoñito. Still mourning by her fathers death. Verónica decides to play Ouija with her friends Rosa and Diana. taking advantage a total solar eclipse where all classmates and teachers are on the schools rooftop watching it. Alone on the cellar. the girls try contact their recent deceased familiars. but the session get wrong and Verónica vanishes. Hiding to her mother the happening. Verónica starts to feel strange presences on the house. fearing that these ghosts threat to anybody of her brothers. Advised by Sister Narcisa (nickmaned by the children as Sister Death) about the sinister spirits close to her. Verónica looking for a way to break the contact with the ghosts to save all. suffering hallucinations and horrible visions that progressively up in ...скачать dle 12.1

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