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Aliens: Zone of Silence
Aliens: Zone of Silence
Kokybė WEB-DL
2018 Sausio 2
  • Metai:
  • Kalba:
    Anglų kalba
  • Šalis:
  • Žanras:
    Filmai / Mistiniai / Siaubo
  • Režisierius:
    Andy Fowler
Four months ago, Morgan Taylors brother, Hal, and his best friend went missing in a mysterious area of the Mexican desert known as Zona del Silencio. After receiving no help from authorities on either side of the border, Morgan heads south to uncover the truth about their disappearance, strapped with action cameras streaming footage to Hals Marine Corps squadmate back in the United States. When her vehicle suddenly breaks down just outside the zone, Morgan must traverse the desert alone, enduring intense heat in the daytime and menacing coyotes at night. She eventually locates Hals campsite and finds a kit filled with memory cards...